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Want Your Home SOLD?  Pest Control Services in NJ shares valuable tip

If you are selling (or thinking about selling) you should read this.

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The real estate market is beginning to improve in our area. This is around the time that many homeowners begin to prepare their home to list or sell. The list of things to do is vast and this can be a stressful time. With that in mind, it is helpful to think of things BEFORE they arise. This is where we come in. We would like to explain a story that we have heard all too often. Perhaps this tidbit of information will be helpful to you and help sell your home.

A clean termite certification is required to sell homes in our area. This is particularly true for any property or structure that is being purchased with a mortgage. In New Jersey, the majority of homes are sold with FHA mortgages. This is because the down payment is less than the standard 20%. Generally speaking, it’s the most affordable option for home buyers. Now you may be thinking, what does this have to do with pest control? The answer is: Everything.  FHA has strict guidelines regarding wood destroying insects and frankly, there is no getting around it. If there is evidence of damage or active insects, the bank can refuse to lend the buyer money until it is taken care of. Did you know that the seller could be responsible for all (or some) of the corrective work and treatment? Did you know that the buyer has the right to terminate the contract under the inspection clause? This is not meant to scare or intimidate, it is to help you understand the process. Whether you think your house is free and clear of bugs or not, you really will not know for sure. Your home should be inspected and treated prior to getting to that point. We want to share with you common stories of what occurs when things like this happen.

Sellers prepare their homes for sale in many different ways. The effort in getting to the point of listing a home is not for the weak. It is hard work if you want to do it right and sell fast. Many customers share with us the work they put into preparing their home, as we have listed much of it below. We have worded it the way most of it was communicated with us.

Ocean County Pest Control and Termite Certifications

The House Gets Prepared to Sell

  • Weeks and days were spent organizing and tidying up
  • Every closet was purged and things were donating or trashed
  • Trinkets were packed away and personal pictures were all taken off the walls
  • The house was cleaned and clean again. It never looked so clean
  • Fresh paint was applied to the walls, everything was painted that looked dingy. Everything.
  • Carpets cleaned and hardwood was polished and look better than new
  • Lists were made and every minor detail was addressed with precision


The House is Listed

  • Located and signed with a Realtor you trust and like (harder than most think)
  • Every day you keep the house tidy and neat, just in case it is shown
  • You pick up, vacuum and turn on lights before the buyers arrive
  • If you are home, you rush to make it perfect and then head out the door in a frenzy
  • If you are not home, you pray the house is in good shape and the buyers like it
  • You are afraid to cook or do anything that makes the house dirty
  • Time is ticking, where are the buyers?



  • They view the home multiple times as excitement builds
  • Your Realtor works hard to have something put together in the form of an offer
  • The offer comes and negotiations begin
  • You have offer and acceptance and everyone is relieved
  • The buyers and sellers choose a lawyer and Attorney Review begins
  • After a few days the review is complete and the buyers schedule their inspections
  • Calls are made as friends and family share congratulations

The House is SOLD!…  Not so Fast.

termite certification NJ pest control

After reading all the steps that it took to get to this point, you probably know where this is heading.  All of this is normal and expected so far, right? So although each story may be slightly different, the lesson we are going to share is the same. Keep reading.

What You Did Not Know Can Hurt You

Until the buyers line up and complete the home inspections, the celebrations are preliminary. Like heading for a touchdown and celebrating too early, you are tackled unexpectedly.  You did not know, or maybe you knew but did not understand.  You told people it was sold and you started to pack.  Then the reports roll in. Why are you getting a report as thick as phone book about your home? Now What?

What You Need to Know

Every home inspection will produce lists of things to be fixed, repaired or changed- even in brand new homes. If you are a seller and think your home is exceptional, chances are you will be shocked at what will be found. Advice? Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.   But here is the GOOD NEWS: regardless of what is in that report, you have people working on your behalf to get it resolved. Most times it is stressful, but negotiated or handled faster than you thought.  Unless it is wood destroying insects, termites or structural damage. These are the things buyers have a hard time getting over. Please also remember that FHA regulations are strict when it comes to this subject and they may not lend the buyer money. Any form of infestation or damage could kill your deal. Even if it appears the damage was from the past and the termites are not active, it does not matter. Sometimes this is all that it takes to scare the buyers away. There could be nothing you can say or do to stop them. They can walk away.  Imagine after all of the work that you have done to get to this point, the deal dies? No one deserves that, especially if it could have been avoided. This why it should be addressed in advance, but it was never suggested to you.


Arranging for Pest Control Services in NJ can help you sell your home

In fact, your realtor can share with buyers that the home has been inspected and treated; with no signs of infestation or damage. Buyers like to feel secure and this type of action deems you trustworthy and meticulous. If you take care of this small detail, they will feel as though you probably cared for everything else in the same fashion. If you learn anything, it is that you should not leave this type of inspection to “chance”.

Our team is experienced and prepared in treating, removing and/or exterminating many types of nuisances. Here are a few of the most common Pest Control Services in New Jersey:

  • Termites
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Powder Post Beetles
  • Wildlife in Attics (or Chimney)
  • NJ Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Mice and Rats
  • Bees and Yellow Jackets
  • Hornets (and much more)


Our slogan is “We Kill Your Pests, Not Your Budget”, and we mean that. It is why we have been chosen as Contractor of the Year by Home Advisor. We are a local business that relies solely on referrals. When you work with us, you are working with the owner of the business. We are not a large corporation that views you as a number, we are a hard working NJ family- just like you.

Obtaining a clean termite certification does more than deliver you peace of mind. This simple act speaks to the buyer and buyer’s agent about the type of homeowner that you are.  It demonstrates your commitment and diligence to caring for the home, something every buyer feels good about. Contact us to arrange for your home termite inspection and treatment today.

selling home with clean termite certification in NJ

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NJ Bed Bug Specialist Shares Remedies to Treat Bites

NJ Bed Bug Treatment of Bites

How to Cope with Bites from a NJ Bed Bug

The very first thing that you should understand about NJ bed bug bites is that they are not serious, but they can be annoying. These are superficial wounds that may cause an alarming welt or discoloration to the skin, but they often go away by themselves. Just like anything else, some people react more severely than others. One of the biggest complaints is that they are extremely itchy. Because of this reason, they are initially confused with flea bites.


5 Home Remedies to Relieve Bed Bug Bites:


  1. Topical Itch Ointment

This is an over the counter ointment or lotion that comes in a bottle or small tube. The active ingredient targets the itching specifically.  After applying directly to the areas that are the most bothersome, you should feel relief. The areas will heal much faster when you leave them alone, so stopping the itch is generally the first place to start.

  1. Use Oral Antihistamine

Oral tablets can be purchased at any local drug store. Brands such as Benadryl are often found to be very helpful with holding back symptoms. The welts and tenderness surrounding the bite is often linked to a direct allergic reaction. Using an antihistamine will alleviate the itch as well as reduce the swelling and red inflammation. The pattern of the bites may cause tremendous embarrassment. These antihistamines may diminish the visibility and reduce anxiety about how it looks to others.

  1. Treating with Hydro-Cortisone

As a NJ bed Bug Specialist, we regularly see residents more concerned about the bites on their bodies versus treating the infestation. This is a mistake and the complete opposite of what you should be doing. Although the bites may be troublesome, they are NOT hazardous, contagious or infectious. Similarly to the welts cause from a mosquito, many find that basic hydrocortisone cream delivers relief.

  1. Apply Warmth 

Applying a warm compress with a lightly damp cloth can soothe the area and reduce inflammation. Be careful not to scold or burn yourself. Before you apply, make sure that the compress is warm, but not too hot by testing on your wrist. Simply run a washcloth under hot water, wring it out and apply to the areas that bother you the most. The warmth may bring instant relief.

  1. Seek Medical Treatment

We always encourage all of our clients to refer to their medical professional for a thorough evaluation. In some cases the doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics as a precaution. Scratching any open wound can be enough to open the door to bacterial infections.

bed bug image

 Need a Company that KILLS the Bed Bugs in NJ?

Our comprehensive application provides the ultimate solution to rid of these annoying pests once and for all. If you feel that this may be something that you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We handle all of our cases confidentially and are always respectful of your personal space. As an owner-operated business, you can be sure that the job is met with professionalism as well as fair and honest dealings (we will kill the bed bugs, not your budget)

We currently service the following areas:

  • Ocean County
  • Monmouth County
  • Atlantic County
  • Middlesex County
  • Mercer County

We inspect, treat and completely eliminate all stages and life cycles of the NJ Bed Bug. Click here to contact us

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What are these Spider Crickets? Ocean County Exterminator Shares the Scoop


Ocean county Exterminator Explains Spider Cricket

Ocean County Exterminator shines the spotlight on these strange bugs

As an Ocean County Exterminator, every season tends to bring out a new hot topic and this fall is no exception. The most popular description used to describe the latest annoying bug in NJ is cricket spiders. They look like a transformer that is half spider and half cricket.

Many in the pest control community refer to them as Cave Crickets. The name originates from where they tend to hang out, in dark areas. This time of year they call home any dark moist environments such as basements, crawl spaces and garages. They are fairly harmless, although for some homeowners, the anxiety is more than they can bear. Here we will try to alleviate some of your fears by sharing some interesting tidbits and facts  about NJ Cave Crickets.


Point of Entry

These hopping fools are welcomed in through many access points of your house at various stages. Many are able to slip through the cracks of the garage such as slightly ajar garage doors. Even if you open the garage on a nice weekend to clean it out, a handful can hop in and hide very quickly. They will also camouflage themselves in leaves and hop through front doors without detection. Typically they find an access way through any cracks or crevices in the house.

What’s for Dinner?

What do they eat? During this time of year, when food is scarce, they tend to feed on themselves. That’s right, you have read that correctly. They are not inside your home seeking food, because they are the food.  Gross, right? Well the good news is that Cave Crickets are not looking to feed off of humans. They will eat their own extremities because they have the ability to regenerate them.

Interesting Facts

They are fairly blind but have a heightened sensitivity to touch. If you have ever had the pleasure of accidentally touching one, you have probably seen their senses in action. When touched, it will begin to hop wildly in many directions much like a child’s bouncy ball, it will ping randomly from left to right and up and down. This is generally what causes alarm and fright for most people. Many homeowners are scared of things that fly or hop at the, which is totally understandable.  However as a reputable  Ocean County Exterminator, it is our job to inform you of the harmful versus harmless pests” and this one is generally harmless. This may not be enough to remove your anxiety, but we thought that perhaps if you knew WHY they hopped like that (because they are scared and mostly blind)  then perhaps it will not seem so scary after all.

Home Sweet Home

They generally hide in dark areas, inside and behind things in the basement and garage. Why are they there? The answer is pretty simple, they are hiding. They are protecting themselves from becoming a food source to others such as birds, spiders and larger predators. They tend to gravitate towards dampness, so it is not uncommon to find them in lower level bathrooms positioned on the exterior wall of a home.

Prevention Tips

There are some very simple tips and tricks that will help to keep these guys out of your home, although sometimes not always effective once they are already inside. Try to eliminate moisture by using a dehumidifier in the areas that need it most. Be sure to secure and close all windows and doors and seal any cracks or small openings. Clean out and sweep areas that are heavily cluttered and remove any that come across. Most times they will hop fast and far, giving you the ability to sweep them in the direction of your choosing, without ever having to touch them with your hands.

Above All Termite and Pest Control is comprised of an experienced team of professionals equipped to handle the elimination of “spider crickets”.  We have specific techniques and applications designed to deter these creepy jumpers. We will kill the bugs in your home and not your budget.

We are a leading service provider with an A + rating from the BBB. Our customer reviews are exceptional because we stand behind our promises to the community. Best of all, we are not just an Ocean County Exterminator- as we now regularly service other counties in NJ including:

  • Atlantic County
  • Monmouth County
  • Middlesex County
  • Mercer County

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BedBug Proof Your Life – Hotel Checklist- NJ Bed Bugs


 Nj bed Bugs Prevention and Tips



NJ Bed Bugs Make Terrible Souvenirs

We inspect, examine and Bed-Bugs-NJ Hotels places to checktreat homes and businesses to eradicate NJ Bed Bugs. Without going into too much detail, we will tell you that these are the pests that you absolutely do NOT want in your life. You cannot treat, kill or eliminate BB infestations by yourself. If there is a chance that they are already in your home, do not delay- call us.


prevent nj bed bugs tips


The very FIRST STEP  is  to check to see if the resort, hotel, motel or bed and breakfast has been registered as a “hot spot” for infestation. Large well known resorts take preventative action, but are not always successful. It is hard to maintain a safe and clean environment when there is such a high turn over rate, so DO YOUR HOMEWORK before booking! How? There is a public website that allows users to enter their experiences and it is available for you to view for FREE. Go ahead and  check this website to determine whether the location has had reported sightings or infestations (and when). Keep in mind that it is good practice to follow the tips below, even if your location has not been reported.


  • Hang your clothes in the closet or the furthest area from the bed
  • Do NOT put your luggage on the bed or under the bed- EVER
  • Place your luggage or personal bag on folding racks or shelves – off the ground
  • NEVER unpack your luggage on the bed
  • Enclose your bags in plastic garbage bags (from home) after they have been emptied
  • Place any clothing that is placed in drawers inside a plastic sealed bag (zip locked gallon bags)


  • Begin by using clear plastic gloves, never inspect with bare hands
  • Peel back the bed sheets and inspect the mattress, starting at the seam(s)
  • If there are any tags or applications on the mattress, check in and around them
  • Search behind the headboard for black spots (smaller than a poppy seed)
  • If you discover spots, use a damp washcloth- if it smears, it’s probably BB fecal matter
  • Since they do not like light, check all dark and hidden area around the bed
  • Inspect for white spots (smaller than rice) along the mattress, these would be the eggs
  • Is there an odor? This could come in the form of a foul smell- such as raw beef or a musty aroma


  • In, around or behind baseboard
  • Around windows and trim
  • Behind and inside electrical outlets
  • Inside telephone or cable switch plates
  • Around water drains, pipes or utility lines
  • Inside bed frames
  • Behind or attached to the head board
  • Underneath or inside of upholstered furniture
  • Inside of alarm clocks
  • In or around any peeling or loose wall hangings or wallpaper








We suggest that you print this page, share or bookmark it for the future. NJ bed Bugs CAN be treated, but you can’t do it alone. If you have been in contact with these night crawlers, please click here to schedule a confidential NJ Pest Control inspection right away. Our NJ Pest Control extends to the following counties:

  • Ocean County
  • Monmouth County
  • Atlantic County
  • Middlesex County
  • Mercer County










Do Termites Die in the Winter? Lacey Extermination Company Shares Details




Fact or Myth: Termites Survive  Harsh NJ Winters 

As a Lacey Extermination Company, many customers have shared common misconceptions about pest control and swore they were facts. Sadly, in some cases this false information has come at an expense. Now that we are heading into the cooler season, we would like to share with you some information pertaining to termites and address common questions.

Sometimes our common sense gives us a false sense of security about things. This occurs when logic steps in to draw conclusions on matters that we frankly know very little about.  For example, many of us would most likely conclude that termites could not possibly survive the brutal cold temperatures of winter. Is this a fact or is it a myth?

lifecycle of termites - lacey extermination company

The professionals weigh in and Lacey Extermination Company shares useful information about TERMITES

Subterranean termites are cold blooded, which means that temperature change does affect their bodies, but does it kill them? No. The colder temperatures will alter their behavior and the way in which they function overall, but it does not kill them. The problem with this topic is that you will rarely see them active throughout the winter, so where do they go? Again, logic tells many of us that they must be hibernating. This is a false statement, they are not hibernating.  Naturally, you are probably wondering where they hide and what they do during the winter because you cannot see them.


A termite needs three aspects to survive; warmth, food and water. To answer the question referenced above, this insect would need to relocate to a place where these needs could be met. In many cases, they will move further down into the soil until they find the warmth they need to survive. However it is important for you to understand that even though their activity level decreases, they are still active during the colder month in NJ.


They are in survival mode feeding off tree roots and other cellulose materials found within the soil. Unfortunately in our region, the melted snow saturates into the soil to provide a healthy abundance of water required for their survival. They can and do withstand the frigid cold temperatures of winter and just because you cannot see them, does not mean they are not there. Unfortunately, your home or business provides all the basic needs required for their survival; food, water and warmth. If a colony has moved into your home prior to the colder temperatures, they will remain active. While you are snuggled in front of the fireplace, your colony of termites is also snug as a bug.


Once the calendar changes and the warmer weather approaches, the termites will again surface. This is the time that the Swarmer (often misidentified as flying ants) emerges to scope out the situation. Their job is to find a new home for the colony that has an abundance of food; which is wood. Depending on tOcean County  Termitehe size of the colony, thousands of Swarmer’s can venture out during this process. During this event is when the home owner typically becomes aware of the infestation of termites within their homes. It can be a frightening experience. Although we typically do not visually experience swarms during the colder months, the reality is that these wood destroying insects are merely waiting out warmer temperatures. Many homeowners have described this event as the wall giving birth to thousands of flying ants (see image for assistance in identifying the difference between flying ants and termites).



There is one way for a home owner to gain piece of mind and that is with a Termite Inspection. A pest control professional is trained to find any signs of activity of termites if they are within your home, regardless of the season. As a reputable Lacey Extermination Company, we provide this inspection for FREE. Therefore, you would be foolish to not take advantage of an annual FREE termite inspection for the sake of protecting your home.

CLICK HERE to complete our contact form and  receive a FREE Termite Inspection-NJ


 5 Warning signs to a possible infestation:

                Lacey Extermination Company                         Above All Termite and Pest Control

> Cracked or bubbling paint

> Mud Tubes on the exterior of your home

> Wood within the home makes a hollow sound 

> Debris piles within the home that resembles saw dust

> Soft and rotten wood that is close to the home



Top Bugs in NJ- Ocean County Animal Trappers and Pest Control Company

Ocean County Animal Trappers and Pest Control Company


In lieu of the recent Emmy Awards, we decided to create a fun and playful post about the bugs, insects and rodents who have walked the red carpet (into our homes) in New Jersey. This special presentation has been brought to you by  Ocean County Animal Trappers and Pest Control Company – Above All Termite and Pest Control.


Current Rising Stars

Some of the biggest stars featured in the Fall are:Cockroach

  • Ants
  • Crickets
  • Ticksraccoon png
  • Stinkbugs
  • Silverfishstinkbug png
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Squirrel
  • Raccoon


Throughout the seasons in New Jersey, we see many different species and swarms. Based on how they affect us and our home life, we have listed the most common home invasions in New Jersey (throughout the course of the year).


Top Biters

This type is more than annoying, they can hurt. Some offenders cause raised welts, itching and painful stings or bites.

  • BedBugsMosquito-4
  • Fleas
  • Sand Flea
  • Mosquito
  • Ticks
  • Yellow jackets
  • HornetsNJ Bed Bugs
  • Waspsyellow jacket


Most Dramatic

This line-up consists of those who can damage your home, property or exterior structures. When you catch a glimpse of some of their best work- such as tunneling, wood shavings, odors or thumping sounds, it’s time to call us.

  • Carpenter Ants
  • Carpenter Beessquirrel on door
  • Powder Post Beetles
  • Termites
  • Rats
  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Squirrel
  • Raccoon
  • Opossum
  • Skunk


Thriller and Horror

This silent army may arrive in the pantry, bathroom, garage or anywhere else in the house for that matter. These are the ones you spot while you are using the bathroom or worse, when you are preparing a meal. The truth is, many of them can appear anywhere at any time. Many of these leading stars reproduce rapidly are hard to kill.

  • Bed Bugs
  • Colonies of Antsspider_-_5
  • Clover Mites
  • Crickets
  • Fruit Flies
  • Asian Ladybug Beetles
  • Spiders
  • Carpenter AntsCockroach
  • Swarming Termites
  • Flying Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Mice



There are many treatments we can introduce to your home, but at minimum we suggest an affordable barrier application. We will apply as fresh new barrier to the exterior of your home that will aid in the prevention of unwelcome guests walking, flying or crawling into your house.  Not only does this help you throughout the Autumn months, but it carries through the remaining parts of the year until your next treatment.

In the event that you do not know what types of services you may need, we are happy to come out and do a complete inspection and make recommendations. Our goal is always to provide your home and family members a safe, healthy and comfortable environment without forcing you to dig deep in your wallet. We handle all of our customer inquiries with fair and honest dealings, in hopes that you will use us in the future and refer us to your friends and family. It really is that simple.

If you are in need of any of the following services, please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone. Our contact information can be found here NJ Pest Control and Animal Trappers.


  • Ocean County Wildlife Trapping Services
  • Treatment and Removal of Ocean County Bed Bugs
  • Mercer County Extermination Company
  • Monmouth County Pest Control
  • Atlantic City Bed Bugs
  • Home Wildlife Removal NJ
  • Ocean County Animal Trappers


Noises in the Attic? What is it? Tales from your Ocean County Exterminator


ocean county pest control what is in your attic


As an experienced Ocean County Pest Control professional, we have heard many stories from our customers. There is one thing that we have noticed- sounds from the attic make people really anxious (rightfully so).


What is that Sound?

As you walk down your hallway, you look up at the string that taunts you. The mere existence of the dangling cord is daring you to climb up into the attic to investigate the noise. What is it? What is that sound you are hearing from above? Many times you have lowered the television, shushed the family and tip toed the outline of the house in hopes of getting a good listen.  Unfortunately you believe that there is only one way to find out, you must pull the string and head up.


Heading in to Investigate

With flashlight and broom handle balancing in your palm, you carefully crest your head craefully into the darkness. As you fumble and click on the flashlight, your eyes are greeted by cob webs, dust balls and the fear of something popping out as you scan the room. Then you begin to hear something, but having no idea where it is coming from- panic sets in. You back out swiftly and head for the ladder to head back to a safer place. You shut the entry door as you hear scuffling and scratching sounds. Part of you did not want to retreat because you are painfully curious to reveal the source- however too terrified to follow through.


Could it Really Be?

What IS that noise? It is driving you crazy by invading your every thought.  Is it a bird, mouse or maybe a rat? You walk outside of your home and you cannot believe your eyes- a BAT just came out of your attic! That’s right…you have BATS.

Frantically you contact your local Ocean County Exterminator (Above All Termite and Pest Control) and let them handle it- problem solved. (Ok, we added that part, but that’s what you SHOULD do!)

ocean county pest control

Useful Information and Prevention Tips- NJ Exterminator

Trying to figure out how they entered your home is a difficult topic to attack. While there are 45 species of bats commonly found in the United States, very few of them use homes as their own shelter. The most common species: Little Brown Bats, Big Brown Bats, Evening Bats, Mexican Free-trail and Pallid Bats.

When dealing with them in a home, it’s essential to remember what ways are NOT effective. These include methods include bleach, ammonia, sulfur candles, lights and loud noises. Even though the bats appear to be a problem and you want them out- the larger issue is how they entered in the first place.  All potential access points into the home need to be located and handled with the correct techniques. This process is often referred to as bat-proofing. The best time to do this is in the fall /winter months when they leave to hibernate.

Managing this type of wildlife after it has moved into your home should be handled by a professional service. Without a doubt, the home should be thoroughly inspected. Once all access points are eliminated and closed, special materials should be installed over the pathways to get them to retreat. This material allows the bats to leave the home but will prevent them from returning. Some of these products could include netting, high quality sealants and specialized installations intended just for them.

Once they have successfully left the home, the materials can be removed and any access points completely sealed off. The next step involves odor treatments and chemical applications remove bugs or other bat parasites that they may have carried in. If any insulation or interior damage has been done, our team will recommend repair and replacement of such materials.

Going forward, we also suggest yearly inspections to clarify that it is no longer being used as shelter by this unwanted species. The best part about using www.aboveallpests.com as your “go to” ocean county pest control company is that all of our work is GUARANTEED. If there is a sound in your home that is making you crazy, you owe it to yourself to give us a call.


Pest Control in the Kitchen | Lacey Exterminator Shares Professional Tips

lacey extermination company addresses the bugs in your kitchen



We are not just Lacey Exterminators; we are also human. We know that there are some things you just can’t live with.

Things such as:


The thought of any insect near our food or inside our kitchen creates high levels of anxiety for many of us. However, the reality is that pantry pests are a common household issue. The most common pantry pests are the Weevils, Grain and Flour Beetles and Indian Meal Mouths.

indian meal moth treated by lacey pest control companyBeetle  lacey exterminatorweevils- ocean county pest control



These insects are attracted to the foods that are commonly stored in our cabinets and pantries. They can be found in various foods such as; pasta, cereals, rice and flour. Pet foods such as bird seeds, dried fruits and nuts, dry dog and cat foods are also a common area these insects can be found. Grain & Flour beetles are slender, flat and brownish in color. The Indian meal mouths are also brownish in color. Once their eggs hatch, the larva is a white worm with a dark head. When they grow they crawl across the ceiling and walls and look for a place to hide such as cracks and crevices.

Pantry pests multiply rapidly and can create much anxiety once the homeowner notices their presence. The most effective way to treat this infestation is to find the source of where they began. This process must be completed to eliminate the infestation. You will need to clean every cabinet and pantry within your kitchen. Dispose of any items that were not stored properly. Remember that these insects may have originated in the pet food storage area. You can use the suction of a vacuum cleaner to remove all the insects. Properly dispose of the vacuum bag once all insects are removed. Use soapy water too thoroughly wash each cabinet surface paying close attention to any crack or crevice. Proper storage of our foods kept in our cabinets and panties is our best defense to these invasions.


Pest Control Tips in the Kitchen


  • Keep grain products stored in air-tight plastic containers, jars or plastic zip lock bags.

This can be time consuming but well worth the extra efforts. It is very common for these insects to find their way into your home by the means of the products bought from the store. These insects could have originated at the food processing plant, the storage warehouse, the delivery vehicle or the retail store. Once stored inside your home, the eggs may hatch within the product which will leave you with an overabundance of insects which has the possibility to contaminate other products stored within your kitchen. Pantry pests multiply rapidly. The extra time invested in the proper storage of your products will contain these insects within the storage container and therefore reduce the infestation from spreading throughout your kitchen.

  • Rotate your inventory.

Keeping the newest product in the back and bringing the older products forward. This method will assure that your products are being used properly in order of purchase date.

  • Clean your pantry and cabinets.

Take all product out of each cabinet, inspect the product then clean the surface of the cabinet with soapy water. Pay close attention to any cracks, crevices and corners. Dry surface and replace food. Make sure all products are stored properly. This practice will help eliminate that forgotten product left in the back corner and the removal of any crumbs or spilt food left behind.


If you are need of a complete assessment or even a one time pest control treatment in Ocean County, CLICK HERE- we can help!

Professional vs Do-it-Yourself Extermination|Ocean County Pest Control Tips


Ocean County Pest Control and DIY repellents

 Hiring a Professional vs Do-it-Yourself

Ocean County Pest Control Company Weighs in and Shares Useful Tips


When it comes to treating bugs or rodents in your home, many wonder if it would be better if they handle the problem themselves. There are social platforms and websites dedicated exclusively to the do-it-yourself homeowner. Who can blame someone for trying to resolve something themselves or for utilizing a more natural approach to a problem? The truth is- I am one of those people. I prefer to mitigate damage on my own and resolve issues before asking for help from a professional. I also enjoy working on the house and sharing time with my family as we gather around a project. I began to ponder all of the years we have heard stories from customers about pest control things that they have tried and what worked and did not work. There are absolute situations in which a homeowner must contact a local exterminator and other times when they can try natural approaches, so which is which?


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Here we break down and examine some of do-it-yourself techniques versus hiring an Ocean County Pest Control Company (such as www.aboveallpests.com). Here are a few of the main things that drive a homeowner to choose one over the other. Consider some of these helpful tips before taking matters into your own hands.

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The Cost: This is usually the very first thing that drives homeowners to Home Depot to browse the vast aisles of DIY pest control treatments. In some instances however, hiring a professional pest control company may be less expensive than “trial by error” techniques. Some pesticides can encourage other pests or even amplify the infestation, did you know that? Be sure to weigh out your options and call for a FREE estimate from a professional before choosing a can off of a shelf. Many times the professional treatment comes with a warranty and can last months and even years beyond a home treatment kit.


Instant Results: This is one of the very first things that a homeowner wants to see, results. If a dangerous or creepy bug makes its way into the safe place we call home, then we want them out – yesterday. We get that and understand that many times that is the reason behind the DIY purchase. Keep in mind however that a qualified extermination service is often available to answer you calls and can often treat within 24 hours. Before wasting your time and money, make the call first and then take action second.


Ability and Knowledge: There are some great products on the market to treat, deter or eliminate some insects- however you must know what , where and how to use it. Researching online and reading labels often gives a sense of control back to the homeowner as they begin to plot their plan of attack. There is nothing wrong with taking this approach, however be sure to read instructions carefully and always follow manufacturers recommendations. If you feel uneasy using a chemical or topical treatment, contact an Ocean County Pest Control service for an evaluation. They are trained and specialize in treatment and often save you money in the long run. The added incentive to using a professional to exterminate is the education that you will receive about your specific problem. A good company will take the time to share with you their findings, the best possible solution and preventative tips. This type of valuable information cannot be purchased in a can.


Type of Pest: If you spot a few bugs or insects here and there, chances are that you eradicate them easily on your own. However, there are some specific types of pests that you should ALWAYS contact a professional for:

  • Termites
  • Bed Bugs|NJ
  • Rodents
  • Wood Destroying Insects
  • Wildlife Nesting (Raccoon, Squirrel, Skunk and more)


Any type of pest that runs the risk of damaging the integrity of the structure of a home should be handled by a trained professional. If you are unsure whether or not your infestation is a safety or health concern, click here to contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.

The best rule of thumb for many homes in our region is to take preventative action. This does not necessarily always mean treating with chemicals and purchasing hazardous bug sprays in a can. Our recommendation is to begin by walking the exterior of your home and sealing, patching and repairing areas that serve as welcome mat to bugs, pests and wildlife. Should you feel that you need a seasonal treatment or help with a current infestation problem, please contact us at any time for a FREE HOME EVALUATION.

As a reputable and experienced professional in Ocean County| Pest Control and Extermination Services is all that we do. We treat all of our customers like family and will NEVER try to sell you an unnecessary or costly service. We kill pests, not your budget.

Treat Seasonal Bugs All-At-Once – FREE Estimate for Ocean County Pest Control

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FREE Ocean County Pest Control Estimate


Do you mow your lawn one patch at a time? Of course not.

Why handle bugs inside and outside of your home one at a time? Eliminate Seasonal Bugs, Rodents and Infestations with a personal home evaluation by leading exterminators in Ocean and Monmouth County.  Our comprehensive hands-on evaluation produces a treatment plan based on your own individual needs. Sometimes you may not even know what may be living in or around your home, which is precisely what our team will look for. Or perhaps you are looking to safeguard and treat All-At-Once for nuisances such as:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Ladybugs
  • Centipedes
  • Clover Mites
  • Earwigs
  • Millipedes
  • Pill Bugs
  • Silverfish
  • Crickets
  • Spiders
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Bees*
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Rats
  • Mice


We will do a professional evaluation that goes as deep as you need us to go. We can treat for as few or as many, but we will do it ALL AT ONCE. Get back to enjoying your home, inside and out. Save your money with the do-it-yourself treatments and allow our Ocean County Pest Control Exterminators to handle the job in an affordable and effective way.

Click here to contact us and request a free quote. We will kill the nuisances in and around your home and not your budget. Please fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch to discuss your specific needs. Our company is built upon honest and fair dealings, so feel confident that we will never be pushy or make you feel uncomfortable. Even in the worst of infestation situations, we maintain confidentiality and will handle your issues with compassion and professionalism.


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Other Ocean County Pest Control services we provide:

  • NJ Bed Bugs
  • Termite inspection and Clean Certification
  • Specialty Infestations (examples: Carpenter Bees and Ants)
  • Wildlife Trapping and Removal
  • Flea and Tick Treatment and  Removal


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