Subterranean Termite Swarms

Subterranean Termite Swarms

Swarming TermitesWhile everyone knows that subterranean termite swarms can cause a lot of damage, the fact is that there is more that the homeowner needs to understand about them. In many cases, a homeowner panics quicker than they should or they do not panic enough. As a New Jersey homeowner, you really need to know whether you actually have termites or not.

A lot of people tend to confuse termites with ants. There are species of winged ants that look very similar to termites. The main way to tell them apart is their antennae. Winged ants basically have antennae that are bent and look like elbows. Termites have straight antennae.

Should you discover that it is a swarm of subterranean termites, it is very important that take notice of approximately how big the swarm is and how much damage can be seen from your view. Many homeowners do not like to get too close, but this information is vital in determining whether or not you will need to seek assistance from a professional. If you are unsure, contact our termite specialists to offer you a free inspection.Our company covers the counties of Ocean, Monmouth, Atlantic, Middlesex and Mercer.

Most species of termites are not going to be easy for the homeowner to get rid of themselves. While you can purchase the chemicals to get the job done yourself, you will more than likely not have access to the right equipment, and you may not even know what species of termite that you have feeding on your home. You could easily waste hundreds of dollars on the wrong product and still be left with the problem.

Know when to call a professional termite exterminator in New Jersey

As a professional pest control company, we will come to your home and do a thorough investigation. Our quality experts will determine which species of termite you have and will provide you with an estimate for ridding your home of this pest that can cause a lot of damage. You may prefer DIY projects, but when it comes to termites, you may prefer to let the experts take care of the problem.

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