About Us

My Family, Our History, and Timber the Termite.

My Family

I am a very blessed man with an amazingly large blended family. My wife and I have created so many wonderful memories while raising 7 children. 3 Girls and 4 boys. There is no stronger sense of pride then watching your children grow into amazing adults. Our adult children have blessed us with 5 grandchildren yet we still have 3 boys at home who keeps life challenging yet very rewarding!

We have taught our children that life should be measured by the relationships we create, their personal morals of integrity and the ethics of working hard towards their personal goals. These are the same values I place on myself which has become the business ethics of my company “Above all Termite and Pest Control”


Our Company’s History

I have worked in the Ocean County Pest Control and Termite industry for 8 years prior to starting Above All Termite and Pest Control in 2008. During the years employed in the pest control industry, I often dreamed of starting my own company that would reflect my business ethics and principles. I have gradually grown my company successfully by providing my customers with the upmost superior customer service, quality of service and fair pricing. I know that the backbone of any successful business is directly related to the customer relationships and more importantly customer feedback. I will forever strive to continue this business motto and will continue to show my gratitude towards each and every one of my customers.


Timber the Termite

Timber the Termite was born in 2008. Michael Zummo created Timber to be the mascot for his business Above all Termite and Pest Control. After working in the Termite and Pest control field for over 10 years, Michael decided to create Timber to represent his love and knowledge of the industry. He has cultivated his business on honesty, integrity and professionalism. Above all Termite and Pest control is family owned and operated, licensed and fully insured. His customer’s ratings and reviews speak for themselves.


Beddy the Bed Bug

In 2009, Michael proudly announced the birth of Beddy the Bed Bug to the company. Unfortunately for many, Bed Bugs are becoming the fastest growing pest infestation. Beddy the Bed Bug has joined Above all termite and pest control with much enthusiasm. Michael prides himself on the 100% total satisfaction of each of his bed bug customers on the elimination of bed bugs in their homes. If you research Above All Termite and Pest Control on sites such as Angie’s List, Exterminator Netwoks and Home Advisor you will read hundreds of reviews and comments from satisfied customers who would gladly recommend our company to solve your Pest, Termite, Bed Bug, Fleas, Mice and all pest control infestations. Our customers are our business. Let us EARN business!!

A Message from the Owner:

Prior to starting my own business, I worked in the termite and pest control industry for over 15 years. During this time I observed all areas of the business. I began as a sales representative for a large termite and pest control corporation. During my time employed with this company, I learned how to properly create a specified treatment plan for each job. During each appointment, I would listen to the customers requests and concerns. The invasion of pests into our homes can be quite frustrating. After selling the job, I would also work along side of the technician. I wanted to make sure what I sold was going to be completed exactly to my treatment plan. During those 10 years, I worked for several different termite and pest control companies.

I switched companies in search of finding a company that I felt would share my ideology of running a successful business while offering the utmost customer service, fair pricing and the complete elimination of each customers pest concerns. Each company was run differently not only with the treatment plan but also with customer service and different levels of satisfying the customers needs of eliminating their pest problems. I realized early on in my career that I enjoyed this industry. However, I wanted more control. As I learned more in this industry and became an expert in this field of how to price a job, the importance of utilizing quality products and equipment, and more importantly what treatment plan was needed to satisfy the customers pest issue. I grew more frustrated working as an employee for these large companies. Each company that I worked for, I learned the proper way to treat a job as well as the short cuts being used. These short cuts and lack of customer service left me more frustrated. I wanted to have the control on each job that I sold. I gave my guarantee to my customers that I would solve their pest problem and many times once I sold the job the control was out of my hands. This frustrated me. I had to make a decision. I realized that I was not going to find a company that I totally agreed with completely.

I began to think about starting my own termite and pest control company. Many told me that there were too many risks involved. I have 7 children and taking that chance was scary. However, I knew within me that I would not fail.

I knew that I would grow each year by customer referrals because I would always put the customer first and make sure that I satisfied their pest problem without pricing the job unfairly. So I decided to take the chance and start my own business. Since then I couldn’t be happier. I love having my own business and all the control. The referrals and customer comments on the Internet prove that my vision was correct. I finally have complete control and take great pride knowing that I have 100% satisfied each and every customer in the elimination of their pest concerns. I now have the ability to price each job fairly based on the amount of work needed for each job. I feel a business should run on the concept of a win-win situation for both my customer and the business. I base my business on a very simple concept: Honesty, Integrity and professionalism.

I offer each of my customers my personal guarantee that I will solve their pest problem no matter how much treatment is needed. I keep in close contact with customers after the treatment to make sure that I satisfied their concerns and eliminated their pest problem.

My success in this industry and the growth of my business is directly related to each of my customers and their referrals and comments on the Internet. As an Ocean County Exterminator, my goal was always to expand the business to reach a larger market. We are proud to now currently serve all of Middlesex, Monmouth, Mercer, Ocean and Atlantic counties. My company will continue to grow due to the ongoing learning in this industry, so do not hesitate to contact us to see if we are now in your area. We pride ourselves in using only the best products and my personal guarantee to solve my customer’s pest issues.

We will continue to strive to “Earn” your business!

I look forward to working together,

Michael Zummo, Owner of Above All Termite and Pest Control

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