Bed Bugs 

We understand the emotional stress and anxiety that people experience when they suspect a possible bed bugs infestation. Many suffer with a sense of anxiety and even embarrassment which prevents people from calling a professional. Please understand that everyone can unfortuanatly get bed bugs. Bed bugs are professional hitchhikers!  The bed bug can hitchhike from many places. Most think of hotels, which of course does happen. However, they can also hitchhike from movie theaters, restaurants, clothing stores, buses, dorms and even churches!  The list is endless. Please do not wait to call a professional. The people who wait to call, mostly out of fear,  are usually the ones who end up with a bad infestation. Many may even try to solve this issue themselves. This is never a good idea. Bed bugs multiply rapidly and they are not easy to exterminate! Others may wait to call a professional because they are unaware they have bed bugs. It is common for only one person who sleeps in the same bed to get bit. Therefore,  these customers may think the bites cannot be from bed bugs and spend time trying to figure out what is happening. During this time, the bed bugs are multipling. There is no reason to wait. We offer free inspections. If you think you may have an issue, please do not hesitate to call. We pride ourselves on our expertise in our inspections and our elimination of bed bugs.

Give us a call  we will inspect your home at no cost and help put your mind at ease :) 

 Bed Bugs 

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 Good To Know

People often assume that bed bugs are impossible to see, as though they are almost invisable and therefore they are impossible to detect.

This is a myth! Although they can be small, you can spot them during an inspection. 

People also assume that if only one person is experiencing a rash, welts or sores, this eliminates the fear of having a bed bug infestation. 

This is also a myth! It is very common that some people do not show signs of a bed bug bite.  

If you fear you may have bed bugs...Please do not wait...early detention is key....The Inspections are free

we are here to help! 

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