BedBug Proof Your Life – Hotel Checklist- NJ Bed Bugs


 Nj bed Bugs Prevention and Tips



NJ Bed Bugs Make Terrible Souvenirs

We inspect, examine and Bed-Bugs-NJ Hotels places to checktreat homes and businesses to eradicate NJ Bed Bugs. Without going into too much detail, we will tell you that these are the pests that you absolutely do NOT want in your life. You cannot treat, kill or eliminate BB infestations by yourself. If there is a chance that they are already in your home, do not delay- call us.


prevent nj bed bugs tips


The very FIRST STEP  is  to check to see if the resort, hotel, motel or bed and breakfast has been registered as a “hot spot” for infestation. Large well known resorts take preventative action, but are not always successful. It is hard to maintain a safe and clean environment when there is such a high turn over rate, so DO YOUR HOMEWORK before booking! How? There is a public website that allows users to enter their experiences and it is available for you to view for FREE. Go ahead and  check this website to determine whether the location has had reported sightings or infestations (and when). Keep in mind that it is good practice to follow the tips below, even if your location has not been reported.


  • Hang your clothes in the closet or the furthest area from the bed
  • Do NOT put your luggage on the bed or under the bed- EVER
  • Place your luggage or personal bag on folding racks or shelves – off the ground
  • NEVER unpack your luggage on the bed
  • Enclose your bags in plastic garbage bags (from home) after they have been emptied
  • Place any clothing that is placed in drawers inside a plastic sealed bag (zip locked gallon bags)


  • Begin by using clear plastic gloves, never inspect with bare hands
  • Peel back the bed sheets and inspect the mattress, starting at the seam(s)
  • If there are any tags or applications on the mattress, check in and around them
  • Search behind the headboard for black spots (smaller than a poppy seed)
  • If you discover spots, use a damp washcloth- if it smears, it’s probably BB fecal matter
  • Since they do not like light, check all dark and hidden area around the bed
  • Inspect for white spots (smaller than rice) along the mattress, these would be the eggs
  • Is there an odor? This could come in the form of a foul smell- such as raw beef or a musty aroma


  • In, around or behind baseboard
  • Around windows and trim
  • Behind and inside electrical outlets
  • Inside telephone or cable switch plates
  • Around water drains, pipes or utility lines
  • Inside bed frames
  • Behind or attached to the head board
  • Underneath or inside of upholstered furniture
  • Inside of alarm clocks
  • In or around any peeling or loose wall hangings or wallpaper








We suggest that you print this page, share or bookmark it for the future. NJ bed Bugs CAN be treated, but you can’t do it alone. If you have been in contact with these night crawlers, please click here to schedule a confidential NJ Pest Control inspection right away. Our NJ Pest Control extends to the following counties:

  • Ocean County
  • Monmouth County
  • Atlantic County
  • Middlesex County
  • Mercer County