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As a reputable Ocean County Pest Control company, we feel that part of our job is to educate the public about the do’s and don’ts relating to our specialized field.  It is important to know that in no way is this post meant to deter anyone from purchasing a real Christmas tree for their home. However, lately we have been approached with questions and expressed  fears relating to insects and holiday trees. This led us to believe that sharing a few tips and “clearing the air” on the subject (especially this time of year) certainly couldn’t hurt.

The REAL Deal on REAL Trees


There is a high likelihood that that most Christmas Trees will introduce some unwanted pests/bugs/elements into your home. BUT, the vast majority of  them cause no harm and are not a reason to become alarmed. Many of these insects and nuisances are used to living and existing in a field and not inside a house.

Professional Advice and Tips

Ocean County Pest Control TIP:  Shake your tree vigorously before bringing it inside.

Depending on where you purchased your tree, you may have already been in contact with an electronic tree shaking machine. The purpose of this gadget is not just to remove dead needles,  it also shakes off bugs. If you have not been in contact with one of these machines, you can actually mimic it yourself. Wear protective gloves while handling the tree and shake it with a powerful force to remove anything that may be attached.

Ocean County Pest Control TIP:  Pull down the limbs and thoroughly inspect

Sometimes you may catch a glimpse of what would appear to be a dismantled bird’s nest. Although scenic and adorable to some, it needs to be taken out immediately.  Remove it by trimming the area with pruning shears. Things such as nests can carry mites and lice. You may need to lean down on some branches and peer inward to give the tree a full inspection. Birds are good at hiding and masking their nesting areas by going deep into tree limbs.  Nests (even small parts of them) offer no benefit when brought indoors, so please be sure to remove it immediately.

Ocean County Pest Control TIP:  Do NOT ever treat your tree with a pesticide spray or insect fogger

We have heard of some homeowners “hosing down the tree with chemicals” or treating it with aerosol sprays before they brought it inside. NEVER do this. In fact, this is probably the absolute worst things that you can do. Many pesticides are flammable (especially aerosols) and not intended to be used on a Christmas Tree. It is very important that you understand that there is a chance you may bring in a few insects- but they are less harmful than pesticides on a cut tree. Bugs do not want to be in your home  any more than you want them there. More importantly, as your home heats up and the humidity levels change, many of these bugs are unable to adapt to the extreme change and die off on their own. Your home also does not provide the food source that they are used to, so many try to escape by getting out.


What Kind of Bugs?

Christmas Tree


If you have a serious concern about something that may have entered your home with the tree, leave it to the professionals. Our team is experienced and can identify the insect, spider or bug (very quickly). We will be able to tell you whether or not the pest poses a danger to your home environment. We will never judge you for calling, in fact we commend those who do (versus taking the matter into their own hands). For this reason, we will not overcharge you just because you are seeking peace of mind during this holiday season.

We are an owner operated business and much of our work comes in the form of referrals from past customers. This speaks volumes to us because it is the highest compliment that a business can receive. It means that our neighbors and customers trust in our work and value the experience enough to refer us to the ones they care about most. We have also been voted a top rated Ocean County Pest Control professional for many years; therefore you can feel confident using our company. We handle all of our jobs professionally and confidentially and strive to meet and exceed your expectations.   Please contact us should you require treatment or removal services such as:  extermination, pest control and wildlife trapping. Above All…We Do it All!