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Bed bugs are small insects that are belong to the parasitic Cimicidae family. These parasites prefer to feed on warm-blooded animals, so humans are particularly at risk of being bitten. Infestations of these insects tend to occur rapidly and can happen to anyone at any time. As top rated professionals in this field, we have expanded our services to include both residential and commercial properties in Monmouth, Mercer, Ocean, or Atlantic County areas. If you suspect that these unsightly pests have infiltrated your home or business, please contact us for assistance and we will conduct an inspection of the property.


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Although these irritating bugs do not generally transmit disease, their bites often cause redness, swelling, itching and pain. Infestations often mean that people are bitten dozens of times in one day. People who are allergic to bed bugs may suffer from more severe itching and swelling, and the psychological impact of living with an infestation will ultimately begin to take its toll. They are resilient creatures and live approximately 10 months and can go several months without a food source. The versatility of the nocturnal insects makes it particularly difficult to get rid of them and it should be left to a professional.


Only a professional can remove bed bugs!

Unfortunately populations of these insects have been on the rise since the mid 1990’s. Unlike other bugs, they are not selective about their environment and therefore widespread infestations can now be found across the United States. They are also adept at traveling on clothing, luggage, purses, furniture and recycled materials. Over the years they have also become resistant to many forms of pesticides, which is why they have been hard to completely exterminate without a trained professional.

It is possible for these insects to be encountered in any room of a home and this is something that many homeowners are unaware of . One of the worst characteristics is that they are small enough to feed on humans without being noticed. Typically they go undetected until bites are discovered. After multiple bites are detected- it is usually not long before the bug is spotted. If you have suspicions in your home or place of business, CLICK HERE and contact us for help.

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