Cockroach Control and Removal

Cockroaches are disgusting pests. They gather bacteria on their legs and bodies because they walk through filthy areas. Then, they deposit those germs around your home. The bacteria they spread can cause illness or disease. Some people have even developed asthma from an infestation of cockroaches. As they crawl on dishes and across counter tops, they contaminate every surface they touch.If you see a cockroach in your New Jersey home, there are probably many more hiding in your walls. They can fit in the tiniest recesses, and they are survivors. Even though they’ve been around since prehistoric times, you don’t have to live with them in your home.

Did you know? Some professionals claim cockroaches could survive a nuclear war.

At Above All Termite & Pest Control, our team of qualified professional exterminators know all about cockroaches in New Jersey. We know where they make their nests and we know how to get rid of them properly. There are plenty of temporary fixes for infestations provided in local stores, but are not capable of completely eradicating a colony. We know the right kind of pesticide to use, and we know how to use it. Our technicians exterminate on a regular basis with 100% success- and we can do it for you.

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Don’t let cockroaches ruin the comfort of your home. If you have laid eyes on one, make no mistake- there are many more where that came from. We inspect, treat and exterminate in many towns throughout the state of New Jersey including (but not limited to):

Brick, Barnegat, Jackson, Long Beach Island, Atlantic City, Lacey / Lanoka Harbor, Forked River, Waretown, Seaside, Tuckerton, Toms River, Long Branch, Lakewood, Manchester.