Flea Extermination and Removal

Our specially designed flea treatment will eliminate fleas in your New Jersey home or business. During the treatment, our flea exterminators will treat the interior or exterior of your home, depending on where the infestation is occurring.

No Fleas. No Bites. No Problem

There are many methods by which these ankle biters make their way into our homes and offices. Our experienced team leaders take the time to thoroughly evaluate your environment and propose a method of extermination that is the best for you. The best part? We do not overcharge or blow your budget doing it. By the time you get done spending money at the local big box store on DIY remedies, you could have eradicated these annoying pests many times over. if you have a flea problem, please contact us- we can help.

Professional Pest Control Services- Flea Treatments.

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Our exceptional 3 step program features:

  • Customer prep sheet – Our checklist helps you to ensure that flea treatment will be effective
  • Interior treatment – We use materials specifically designed to kill adult fleas and prevent baby fleas from developing
  • Exterior treatment – By targeting the areas where pets spend time, we are able to prevent pets from causing a flea problem in the future