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A little background information on the mice and rat problem.

Rodents are durable creatures that are able to adapt to varying conditions. The animals can withstand extreme climates, and they exist on all of the world’s continents. The creatures pollute food sources with waste and urination. Furthermore, rodents, such as rats and mice, spread deadly diseases and transmit harmful parasites to people and pets. The types of parasites that are found on rodents can also destroy fruit trees and crops. In fact, the World Health Organization reports that each year, rats and mice destroy approximately one-third of the food supply in the world. In addition, rodents cause structural damage to homes and businesses since they chew on interior components. To protect your home or business from a rodent infestation, be sure to call us as we have prevention expertise and training. We can also safely eliminate rodents.

Did You Know? Mice average 5 litters a year, have a gestational period of 20 days, with an average of 7 live births each time? Do the math… That’s insane!

Rats and mice have narrow skulls and malleable bodies. As a result, they can enter your home through small holes or cracks. Specifically, mice can squeeze through openings that are as small as ¼-inch wide while rats can slide through spaces that are just ¾-inch wide. Mice are approximately 2 inches long, and they usually weigh less than an ounce. Rats measure 5 to 10 inches long, and the creatures can weigh up to 1 pound. The length of a rodent may double when you include its tail in the measurement.

You’ll usually hear rodents at night, and they have a heightened sense of hearing and smell. Mice and rats breed constantly throughout the year. Therefore, they can have up to five litters annually. Rodents may transport ticks, lice and fleas into your home. The creatures are also destructive as they gnaw continually to erode their incisor teeth. Rodents require very little water to survive. In fact, they typically acquire the water that their body needs by eating. The creatures are curious, and they will inspect new objects. In addition, rodents are habitual animals.

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