Termite Removal and Treatment- GUARANTEED

Above All Termite & Pest Control offers Termite treatment plan, a reactive or preventative service designed to create a barrier of protection around your home to block termites from entering and destroying your home.

Many home owners have a false sense of security that these wood destroying termites are not present in your home. Many believe that if they do not witness a termite swarm then their homes are not being invaded. This is a false sense of security. Termites live in the soil surrounding your home.

Termites source of food is wood. They will actively search for this food source until they reach your home. At this point they begin to create a colony. Termites will only swarm during the warmer weather and in search to create their own colonies. The frightening fact is that Termites may be creating a colony within your home structure without any notice to the home owner. Once a termite swarm begins, damage could already be noticeable. It is important to make sure your home is protected with this barrier of chemicals in order to block the termites from entering your home. This process can be confusing and frightening.

Termite Removal

We Inspect- Treat Infestations- Install a Barrier of Protection – Certify and Warranty our Treatments

Our termite extermination program is specially formulated by our highly trained exterminators and applied using the latest techniques and applications. We always make ourselves available to explain this process and answer all your questions. We offer FREE termite inspections of your New Jersey home or commercial property. During this inspection, our exterminator will also give you helpful hints on how to better protect your home. Sometimes implementing simple practices such as making sure that stored firewood is not stacked near your foundation can make a huge impact ion future infestations.

Our Plans and Programs

  • Termite Protection – Above All Termite & Pest Control will provide a complete barrier of non-repellent termiticide (Termidor). A fast acting termiticide, so you will see results right away!
  • Warranty – Above All will provide you with a warranty specific to your needs and home qualifications. We will provide your home a re-treat at no additional costs
  • Annual inspection – This service plan includes an annual termite inspection at no additional cost
  • Guaranteed services – Above All Termite & Pest Control fully guarantees all of our termite services for effectiveness.