Do vampires exist? Bed Bugs-NJ

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 How to Deal with Bed Bugs-NJ: The Modern Day Vampires


There are plenty of fictional movies and books that sensationalize the myths of vampires lurking in the dark ready to devour their pray. Hiding in dark places until they smell the sweetness of human blood, waiting to attack when their pray are most vulnerable and unaware.

We all know that vampires are a fictional character created for the sole purpose of entertainment in movies and book. But do they truly exist in another form?  I believe they do! Although their appearance is much smaller, a bed bug is remarkably similar to the mythical character of the vampire. Unlike the vampire, they do not use their size to intimidate their victims nor do they display a remarkable amount of physical strength. Bed bugs- NJ are tiny. Many believe that they are not visible to the human eye, but that is a myth. Although they may be hard to find, if you are searching in their hiding spots they will be revealed. They typically the size of an apple seed and during molting they leave behind their skin which resembles the outer shell of a popcorn kernel. Like vampires, they also leave behind evidence of their last feed. These small creatures will produce blood droppings which will create stains which is often used to reveal their existence in the home. At night, when their victims are most vulnerable and unaware, they will attack. These parasites will feed on exposed areas such as the face, neck, arms and legs. The feeding process of these bugs does not take long. Like a hit and run, they feed for only 5 to 10 minutes which will satisfy their thirst for days!  During their attack, the wounded victim will remain unaware that they have provided these blood suckers with a meal due to their secretions of saliva which is similar to an anesthetic.

Their painless bite is an excellent escape strategy which provides them with ample amount of time to retreat back to their secure hiding places. Even the skills of a detective would have a difficult time revealing their presence once they have gone into hiding. The possibilities are endless due to their tiny sizes. These pests love to hide in any small area for warmth, such as the creases in the mattress, behind wall paper, the crevasses of picture frames and curtains and in the cracks of furniture. Like the vampire, their last meal can sustain them for months. Although they will typically stay within 8 feet or less from their host, they can travel up to 100 ft in one night. Some may believe that they can smell their victim’s blood but that is a myth.

One of the main sources of attraction for bed bugs- NJ is the carbon monoxide that we exhale when we breathe. Many also believe that keeping your home neat and clean can be used as a form if protection. That is also a myth. These types of pests do not discriminate based on cleanliness. No one is safe from this parasite insect as they can enter your home is various ways. They will hide in areas such as book bags, movie seats, and clothing from stores, pocketbooks or even church pews. Think of them as proficient hitchhikers. They will attach onto your personal belongings or clothing and once inside- they begin to nest and plan for attack.

These modern day vampires should be feared more than the mythical character because once they are within your home, they will multiply rapidly. A female will lay more than 5- 12 eggs at a time. Within 10 days those eggs have hatched. In about 6 weeks those hatched eggs are now matured to adulthood and lay eggs themselves. This process can quickly create a major infestation within your home. The bites of are often blamed on the mosquito or flea because the bites look similar.  Many victims and their family do not realize that they are under attack until the infestation is totally out of hand. An infestation often causes a family an overwhelming amount of emotional stress.  Although it is not known to carry diseases, the redness and itch of the bite causes much discomfort. It is not unusual for a few in the family to not have visually marks left behind from the bites.  For this reason, many will be misled to believe that they do not have bed bugs. During this time of investigation and wonder, the cycle continues and they will continue to reproduce to the point of a serious infestation. The fictional story will claim that you can only kill a vampire with a wooden stake pierced through their heart. These little suckers also have the false reputation of being impossible to kill. This is a myth. If seen, they can be sprayed with almost any chemical to kill them. However, it is very hard to spray and kill something that you cannot see.  Spraying your bed and other areas that you believe to be their hiding place will not kill them. Those chemicals will dry and then out they come, free to roam. A trained pest control specialist will need to find each and every bug and kill them with either chemical spray, heat of a steamer or suction of a vacuum cleaner. This process can take weeks or sometimes longer depending on the size of the infestation. Each visit from the specialist will reduce the bed bugs-NJ population. This is repeated until each and every bug and egg is removed or killed. Often when people realize they have bed bugs, they will often try home remedies and self-treatments. We do not recommend this process.

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If you think you might have an infestation, call an expert immediately and ask for a free inspection. The professional should always show you the proof that you have an infestation, as this is not a hard thing to do. Do not just take their word unless they show you proof. Trying to tackle this issue yourself will only create time for a much larger infestation which results in a more costly treatment needed.

So do vampires really exist? We believe that they do …but not to fear they are not invincible. Bed Bugs-NJ can be treated by Above All Termite & Pest Control who have treated  many infestations and gave our customer piece of mind and a good night sleep.