Do Termites Die in the Winter? Lacey Extermination Company Shares Details




Fact or Myth: Termites Survive  Harsh NJ Winters 

As a Lacey Extermination Company, many customers have shared common misconceptions about pest control and swore they were facts. Sadly, in some cases this false information has come at an expense. Now that we are heading into the cooler season, we would like to share with you some information pertaining to termites and address common questions.

Sometimes our common sense gives us a false sense of security about things. This occurs when logic steps in to draw conclusions on matters that we frankly know very little about.  For example, many of us would most likely conclude that termites could not possibly survive the brutal cold temperatures of winter. Is this a fact or is it a myth?

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The professionals weigh in and Lacey Extermination Company shares useful information about TERMITES

Subterranean termites are cold blooded, which means that temperature change does affect their bodies, but does it kill them? No. The colder temperatures will alter their behavior and the way in which they function overall, but it does not kill them. The problem with this topic is that you will rarely see them active throughout the winter, so where do they go? Again, logic tells many of us that they must be hibernating. This is a false statement, they are not hibernating.  Naturally, you are probably wondering where they hide and what they do during the winter because you cannot see them.


A termite needs three aspects to survive; warmth, food and water. To answer the question referenced above, this insect would need to relocate to a place where these needs could be met. In many cases, they will move further down into the soil until they find the warmth they need to survive. However it is important for you to understand that even though their activity level decreases, they are still active during the colder month in NJ.


They are in survival mode feeding off tree roots and other cellulose materials found within the soil. Unfortunately in our region, the melted snow saturates into the soil to provide a healthy abundance of water required for their survival. They can and do withstand the frigid cold temperatures of winter and just because you cannot see them, does not mean they are not there. Unfortunately, your home or business provides all the basic needs required for their survival; food, water and warmth. If a colony has moved into your home prior to the colder temperatures, they will remain active. While you are snuggled in front of the fireplace, your colony of termites is also snug as a bug.


Once the calendar changes and the warmer weather approaches, the termites will again surface. This is the time that the Swarmer (often misidentified as flying ants) emerges to scope out the situation. Their job is to find a new home for the colony that has an abundance of food; which is wood. Depending on tOcean County  Termitehe size of the colony, thousands of Swarmer’s can venture out during this process. During this event is when the home owner typically becomes aware of the infestation of termites within their homes. It can be a frightening experience. Although we typically do not visually experience swarms during the colder months, the reality is that these wood destroying insects are merely waiting out warmer temperatures. Many homeowners have described this event as the wall giving birth to thousands of flying ants (see image for assistance in identifying the difference between flying ants and termites).



There is one way for a home owner to gain piece of mind and that is with a Termite Inspection. A pest control professional is trained to find any signs of activity of termites if they are within your home, regardless of the season. As a reputable Lacey Extermination Company, we provide this inspection for FREE. Therefore, you would be foolish to not take advantage of an annual FREE termite inspection for the sake of protecting your home.

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 5 Warning signs to a possible infestation:

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> Cracked or bubbling paint

> Mud Tubes on the exterior of your home

> Wood within the home makes a hollow sound 

> Debris piles within the home that resembles saw dust

> Soft and rotten wood that is close to the home