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The thought of any insect near our food or inside our kitchen creates high levels of anxiety for many of us. However, the reality is that pantry pests are a common household issue. The most common pantry pests are the Weevils, Grain and Flour Beetles and Indian Meal Mouths.

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These insects are attracted to the foods that are commonly stored in our cabinets and pantries. They can be found in various foods such as; pasta, cereals, rice and flour. Pet foods such as bird seeds, dried fruits and nuts, dry dog and cat foods are also a common area these insects can be found. Grain & Flour beetles are slender, flat and brownish in color. The Indian meal mouths are also brownish in color. Once their eggs hatch, the larva is a white worm with a dark head. When they grow they crawl across the ceiling and walls and look for a place to hide such as cracks and crevices.

Pantry pests multiply rapidly and can create much anxiety once the homeowner notices their presence. The most effective way to treat this infestation is to find the source of where they began. This process must be completed to eliminate the infestation. You will need to clean every cabinet and pantry within your kitchen. Dispose of any items that were not stored properly. Remember that these insects may have originated in the pet food storage area. You can use the suction of a vacuum cleaner to remove all the insects. Properly dispose of the vacuum bag once all insects are removed. Use soapy water too thoroughly wash each cabinet surface paying close attention to any crack or crevice. Proper storage of our foods kept in our cabinets and panties is our best defense to these invasions.


Pest Control Tips in the Kitchen


  • Keep grain products stored in air-tight plastic containers, jars or plastic zip lock bags.

This can be time consuming but well worth the extra efforts. It is very common for these insects to find their way into your home by the means of the products bought from the store. These insects could have originated at the food processing plant, the storage warehouse, the delivery vehicle or the retail store. Once stored inside your home, the eggs may hatch within the product which will leave you with an overabundance of insects which has the possibility to contaminate other products stored within your kitchen. Pantry pests multiply rapidly. The extra time invested in the proper storage of your products will contain these insects within the storage container and therefore reduce the infestation from spreading throughout your kitchen.

  • Rotate your inventory.

Keeping the newest product in the back and bringing the older products forward. This method will assure that your products are being used properly in order of purchase date.

  • Clean your pantry and cabinets.

Take all product out of each cabinet, inspect the product then clean the surface of the cabinet with soapy water. Pay close attention to any cracks, crevices and corners. Dry surface and replace food. Make sure all products are stored properly. This practice will help eliminate that forgotten product left in the back corner and the removal of any crumbs or spilt food left behind.


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