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Want Your Home SOLD?  Pest Control Services in NJ shares valuable tip

If you are selling (or thinking about selling) you should read this.

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The real estate market is beginning to improve in our area. This is around the time that many homeowners begin to prepare their home to list or sell. The list of things to do is vast and this can be a stressful time. With that in mind, it is helpful to think of things BEFORE they arise. This is where we come in. We would like to explain a story that we have heard all too often. Perhaps this tidbit of information will be helpful to you and help sell your home.

A clean termite certification is required to sell homes in our area. This is particularly true for any property or structure that is being purchased with a mortgage. In New Jersey, the majority of homes are sold with FHA mortgages. This is because the down payment is less than the standard 20%. Generally speaking, it’s the most affordable option for home buyers. Now you may be thinking, what does this have to do with pest control? The answer is: Everything.  FHA has strict guidelines regarding wood destroying insects and frankly, there is no getting around it. If there is evidence of damage or active insects, the bank can refuse to lend the buyer money until it is taken care of. Did you know that the seller could be responsible for all (or some) of the corrective work and treatment? Did you know that the buyer has the right to terminate the contract under the inspection clause? This is not meant to scare or intimidate, it is to help you understand the process. Whether you think your house is free and clear of bugs or not, you really will not know for sure. Your home should be inspected and treated prior to getting to that point. We want to share with you common stories of what occurs when things like this happen.

Sellers prepare their homes for sale in many different ways. The effort in getting to the point of listing a home is not for the weak. It is hard work if you want to do it right and sell fast. Many customers share with us the work they put into preparing their home, as we have listed much of it below. We have worded it the way most of it was communicated with us.

Ocean County Pest Control and Termite Certifications

The House Gets Prepared to Sell

  • Weeks and days were spent organizing and tidying up
  • Every closet was purged and things were donating or trashed
  • Trinkets were packed away and personal pictures were all taken off the walls
  • The house was cleaned and clean again. It never looked so clean
  • Fresh paint was applied to the walls, everything was painted that looked dingy. Everything.
  • Carpets cleaned and hardwood was polished and look better than new
  • Lists were made and every minor detail was addressed with precision


The House is Listed

  • Located and signed with a Realtor you trust and like (harder than most think)
  • Every day you keep the house tidy and neat, just in case it is shown
  • You pick up, vacuum and turn on lights before the buyers arrive
  • If you are home, you rush to make it perfect and then head out the door in a frenzy
  • If you are not home, you pray the house is in good shape and the buyers like it
  • You are afraid to cook or do anything that makes the house dirty
  • Time is ticking, where are the buyers?



  • They view the home multiple times as excitement builds
  • Your Realtor works hard to have something put together in the form of an offer
  • The offer comes and negotiations begin
  • You have offer and acceptance and everyone is relieved
  • The buyers and sellers choose a lawyer and Attorney Review begins
  • After a few days the review is complete and the buyers schedule their inspections
  • Calls are made as friends and family share congratulations

The House is SOLD!…  Not so Fast.

termite certification NJ pest control

After reading all the steps that it took to get to this point, you probably know where this is heading.  All of this is normal and expected so far, right? So although each story may be slightly different, the lesson we are going to share is the same. Keep reading.

What You Did Not Know Can Hurt You

Until the buyers line up and complete the home inspections, the celebrations are preliminary. Like heading for a touchdown and celebrating too early, you are tackled unexpectedly.  You did not know, or maybe you knew but did not understand.  You told people it was sold and you started to pack.  Then the reports roll in. Why are you getting a report as thick as phone book about your home? Now What?

What You Need to Know

Every home inspection will produce lists of things to be fixed, repaired or changed- even in brand new homes. If you are a seller and think your home is exceptional, chances are you will be shocked at what will be found. Advice? Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.   But here is the GOOD NEWS: regardless of what is in that report, you have people working on your behalf to get it resolved. Most times it is stressful, but negotiated or handled faster than you thought.  Unless it is wood destroying insects, termites or structural damage. These are the things buyers have a hard time getting over. Please also remember that FHA regulations are strict when it comes to this subject and they may not lend the buyer money. Any form of infestation or damage could kill your deal. Even if it appears the damage was from the past and the termites are not active, it does not matter. Sometimes this is all that it takes to scare the buyers away. There could be nothing you can say or do to stop them. They can walk away.  Imagine after all of the work that you have done to get to this point, the deal dies? No one deserves that, especially if it could have been avoided. This why it should be addressed in advance, but it was never suggested to you.


Arranging for Pest Control Services in NJ can help you sell your home

In fact, your realtor can share with buyers that the home has been inspected and treated; with no signs of infestation or damage. Buyers like to feel secure and this type of action deems you trustworthy and meticulous. If you take care of this small detail, they will feel as though you probably cared for everything else in the same fashion. If you learn anything, it is that you should not leave this type of inspection to “chance”.

Our team is experienced and prepared in treating, removing and/or exterminating many types of nuisances. Here are a few of the most common Pest Control Services in New Jersey:

  • Termites
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Powder Post Beetles
  • Wildlife in Attics (or Chimney)
  • NJ Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Mice and Rats
  • Bees and Yellow Jackets
  • Hornets (and much more)


Our slogan is “We Kill Your Pests, Not Your Budget”, and we mean that. It is why we have been chosen as Contractor of the Year by Home Advisor. We are a local business that relies solely on referrals. When you work with us, you are working with the owner of the business. We are not a large corporation that views you as a number, we are a hard working NJ family- just like you.

Obtaining a clean termite certification does more than deliver you peace of mind. This simple act speaks to the buyer and buyer’s agent about the type of homeowner that you are.  It demonstrates your commitment and diligence to caring for the home, something every buyer feels good about. Contact us to arrange for your home termite inspection and treatment today.

selling home with clean termite certification in NJ

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Mosquito Treatments-What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You – Lacey Pest Control

Mosquito-4Treatment Tips and Myth Busters:

Mosquito Control by Lacey Pest Control Aboveallpests.com


Here we are- that time of year again…and it seems that the bugs are back with a vengeance. As a Lacey Pest Control specialist we like to share some interesting tidbits about the most annoying insect of all: the Mosquito.

Did you know


  • Mosquitoes have been classified as the DEADLIEST “animal” in the entire world. This label came as a result of the more than 1 million deaths caused by Malaria
  • Mosquitoes are durable and have been around since the Jurassic time period. Yes, that means that these little pests have survived and thrived for over 210 million years.
  • The welts present on your skin after a bite is due to their saliva
  • West Nile and Malaria is transmitted through the saliva of the mosquito
  • These little irritants carry and transmit Canine Heartworm
  • HIV cannot be transmitted via bite from them
  • The chemicals released in sweat smell like dinner cooking on the stove to these bloodsuckers
  • The lifespan ranges 10 days to 2 months (females can live up to 6 months)
  • Female lay up to 300-350 eggs at one single time
  • They can drink more than 3 times their weight in your blood


It is actually dangerous to have mosquitoes around or inside your home. Mosquitoes are known for carrying dangerous diseases, and their bites can even be deadly if they are infected by the wrong disease. These insects are known for carrying all sorts of diseases, such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, West Nile virus and more. They can even cause problems for your pets and livestock because they can cause heartworms in dogs and more. Some of the diseases that they carry can be transferred back and forth between humans and horses or birds, such as Eastern Equine Encephalitis and St. Louis Encephalitis

Lacey Pest Control - Mosquito treatment

Myth Busters:

  • Bats do not regularly eat mosquitoes,  it is less than 1% of their diets
  • 2 main predators that DO eat them: Dragonflies and Fish- some towns release dragonflies in certain areas to keep the population down
  • Permethrin will attack their central nervous system but it does not affect the eggs and larvae and therefore they will continue to thrive once the chemical has dissipated
  • BugZappers kill the more harmless insects, such as moths and beetles- while only 1% of mosquitoes are killed with this method.
  • Lemon Eucalyptus oil has proven to be so effective that even the CDC has recommended it. However, it is only intended to be used as a short term repellent and does not kill them.


What can you do?

Above All termite and Pest Control will complete a comprehensive assessment of your pest situation and customize a program for your home that fits around your schedule and home environment.

We specialize in significantly reducing the amount of mosquitoes pestering you and your family. Make a promise to yourself this year and commit to spending more time with your family outside. To increase the effectiveness of yard treatments, consider speaking with your neighbors and treating together. We offer discounts for this type of service, and the effectiveness is 3 fold to yard treated individually.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of any service provided by our company, we will return at no cost to you and make it right. Please click here for a home evaluation to determine the best course of treatment for you.







TICKS: Prevention Tips & Treatment – Lacey Pest Control

ticks cover picture for lacey pest control

New Dangerous Tick Borne Infections

Lacey Pest Control shares important information everyone should know

As a reputable Lacey pest control specialist (and also a resident of Lanoka Harbor) we pride ourselves in the ability to assist our neighbors and friends with the removal of pests and pesky bugs. However, every year the media tends to bring a new hot topic that scares people.  Some of these reports have been helpful and supported by truth- while others did not apply to our region of the country. This year however- we have a new tick borne disease that is sweeping the country called- The Bourbon Virus.

Recently, the CDC has issued warnings to our area regarding this new troubling disease that is thought to be transmitted through tick bites. Because many of us live in heavily wooded areas, this subject hits home to us. Therefore, for the sake of educating our friends and neighbors, we have compiled this resource in hopes that you would share it with loved ones. The following information will address things such as prevention tips, treatment and helpful facts related to ticks or tick bites in the northeast region.


lacey pest control- ticks life cycle

The 4 stages of life

– Egg

– 6 legged larva

– 8 legged nymph

– Full grown adult


Here is the deal with them that sets them apart from many others- they MUST consume blood as a form of nutrition throughout each stage or they will die.  Because of this reason, many of these bugs do not make it to full maturity.






What do they feed on?

Many people assume that they only attach to our pets and humans, but they are not as particular as you think. Ticks choose the following hosts:

  • Mammals
  • Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Amphibians

Ironically they are particular about their feedings  and prefer to chose a different host for each life cycle. This means they will complete a feeding and drop off until they are ready for the next phase.


Do they choose a host at random? Not exactly.

Ticks locate a host by scent, body temperature, moisture and  even vibrations/movement. They are determined little buggers and wait for the right opportunity to “catch a ride” by placing one set of legs on the tip of a leaf or blade of grass and the front pair of legs outreached toward the host. After attaching themselves, some may wander aimlessly to locate a warm dark area while others are content to attach anywhere. Because they are stealth at the hide-and-go-seek game, it is often hard to locate them without an extensive inspection.


How do they transmit disease to humans?

How ticks spread disease- step by step

  • Prepping to feed can vary from 10 minutes to many hours- depending on the life cycle. Once the feeding location is established, it cuts the surface of the skin and attaches.
  • Once the attachment is complete, they insert a feeding tube and secrete cement-like substances that secure the tube in place.
  • There is also a numbing anesthetic mixed within the saliva that prevents the host from feeling the penetration or attachment. This is why many people are stunned that they have a tick on them, because they cannot feel it.
  • This bloodsucker will feed for several days and even weeks without interruption.
  • If the tick is carrying any form of pathogen or disease, it is transmitted through the feeding tube or saliva and into the bloodstream of the animal/person and vice-versa. Organisms are free to pass to both host and the tick.
  • After reaching completion of the feed, the majority of ticks will drop off and head into the next life phase.




Personal Prevention- What Should You Do?

  • Conduct a full body inspection from head to toe after returning from the outdoors. Be sure to check under arms, behind ears, inside belly buttons, every crease and crevice that would provide a safe hiding place…and also check hair.
  • Check, inspect and evaluate children each day, even if they are not in the woods. Remember that ticks can lie and wait on a single blade of grass.
  • Bathe within one hour of returning indoors. Check yourself in the shower and scrub your body down, particularly if you were engaged in the woods, near trees or gardening. Children should be closely checked on a daily basis.
  • Check pets and gear that may be rested outdoors on the ground (such as athletic equipment).
  • Have your home treated by a qualified pest control company or exterminator who knows what they are doing


Professional Services:

Did you know that a qualified pest control specialist can take measures to rid of ticks in your yard? As a Lacey pest control specialist and exterminator, Above All  has been performing tick sprays for over a decade. With years of experience in combination with continued education and product awareness, we know the correct combination of insecticides to use and the safest way to apply them. Our experience is your guarantee that we’ll give your property a thorough treatment that will rid your yard of ticks.

Click here to contact us and get started on eliminating these disease carrying bugs once and for all. We also treat for fleas, so do not forget to inquire about that service when you submit your online message or call us.Above All Pest Control and Exterminator


Facts and Information:

  1. Ticks are most active April through September in the Northeast region.
  2. Repellents containing 20-30% DEET is a preventive measure that should be taken- but carefully applied.
  3. Use products or items that contain permethrin on the outside of all clothing if entering into a wooded area.
  4. Pre-treating clothing, particularly the bottoms of pants, socks and shoes with permethrin can assist in extending the prevention time.
  5. You can check for additional repellents registered with the EPA by visiting this site http://cfpub.epa.gov/oppref/insect/.


We intend to bring awareness to our area regarding this important topic. Please help us by sharing this article with your friends, family and neighbors. Through prevention and awareness, we hope to see the cases of Lyme Disease and all the other tick-borne illnesses decrease in our area.


To learn more about the new emerging tick born diseases, you may want to listen to the CDC presentation here 

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