NJ Mice and Rodent Identification- Ocean County Pest Control Service

house mouse

RODENT IDENTIFICATION- Ocean County Pest Control Service

There are two types of mice indigenous to the New Jersey area:

  • House Mouse
  • White-Footed Deer Mouse

There are two species of rat that are commonly found in NJ:

  • Norway Rat
  • Roof Rat

Often homeowners confuse young rats with mice, but this handy identification guide will assist you in determining the type of rodent that is in your home. One of the easiest ways in telling the difference between the two is by looking at the size of the head. The head of a young rate appears much larger than the rest of the body. If you cannot get close enough to the rodent to see the proportion of size to body, contact an Ocean County Pest Control Service by clicking here.

Ocean County Pest Control ServiceHouse Mouse: The house mouse is gray in color but also can be found in the area with other colors ranging from lighter brown/tan to dark black. The body of the house mouse measures approximately 2 inches long (not including the length of the tail).This species like to dwell in homes and nest within 10-15 feet of their main food source. They do not feed in large quantities; rather they nibble all day long. A house mouse is not very particular about the type of food source, but often nests and lives within the kitchen and pantry area of the home. Call 609-312-1002 to contact a Ocean County Pest Control Service for assistance in removing these pests from your house.

white_footed_mouse2White-footed Deer Mouse:
This type of mouse ranges in colors from tan/light browns to black with a white colored belly. The white footed mouse is typically found in wooded areas because it lives in the outdoors. The favorite choice of dwelling consists of logs, wood piles, stumps and burrows. Even though they live outside, they do venture indoors to locate food. These mice are common carriers of Hantavirus and Lyme Disease and should be exterminated or redirected as soon as you identify their presence.

norway ratNorway Rat: This rat is most commonly portrayed as the “standard rat” you see on television and print ads. Other terms associated with this species are: sewer rat, gray rat, brown rat and barn rat. It is brown-gray in color and measures an average of 10 inches in length. You will find these rats in urban areas as they are excellent climbers and can live on almost any type of food. They live among large colonies with burrows that intertwine and connect. If you feel that you may have this rat in or around your home, contact an ocean county pest control service such as Above All pest Control for an immediate extermination.

roof-rat-controlRoof Rat
These rats are found in the port areas and also known by the name “ship rat”. These are considerably larger rats measuring up to 15-17 inches long. Their bodies are dark black and they have large eyes and ears. These are easy to identify by looking at their tails, as they are generally longer than the body. The extermination of this species is important because they carry and spread Bubonic Plague.




Not only will these pests create a nuisance and leave behind feces, but they often carry serious diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Contact an Ocean County Pest Control Service for a free price quote and in home evaluation.