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As a reputable Ocean County Pest Control company, we feel that part of our job is to educate the public about the do’s and don’ts relating to our specialized field.  It is important to know that in no way is this post meant to deter anyone from purchasing a real Christmas tree for their home. However, lately we have been approached with questions and expressed  fears relating to insects and holiday trees. This led us to believe that sharing a few tips and “clearing the air” on the subject (especially this time of year) certainly couldn’t hurt.

The REAL Deal on REAL Trees


There is a high likelihood that that most Christmas Trees will introduce some unwanted pests/bugs/elements into your home. BUT, the vast majority of  them cause no harm and are not a reason to become alarmed. Many of these insects and nuisances are used to living and existing in a field and not inside a house.

Professional Advice and Tips

Ocean County Pest Control TIP:  Shake your tree vigorously before bringing it inside.

Depending on where you purchased your tree, you may have already been in contact with an electronic tree shaking machine. The purpose of this gadget is not just to remove dead needles,  it also shakes off bugs. If you have not been in contact with one of these machines, you can actually mimic it yourself. Wear protective gloves while handling the tree and shake it with a powerful force to remove anything that may be attached.

Ocean County Pest Control TIP:  Pull down the limbs and thoroughly inspect

Sometimes you may catch a glimpse of what would appear to be a dismantled bird’s nest. Although scenic and adorable to some, it needs to be taken out immediately.  Remove it by trimming the area with pruning shears. Things such as nests can carry mites and lice. You may need to lean down on some branches and peer inward to give the tree a full inspection. Birds are good at hiding and masking their nesting areas by going deep into tree limbs.  Nests (even small parts of them) offer no benefit when brought indoors, so please be sure to remove it immediately.

Ocean County Pest Control TIP:  Do NOT ever treat your tree with a pesticide spray or insect fogger

We have heard of some homeowners “hosing down the tree with chemicals” or treating it with aerosol sprays before they brought it inside. NEVER do this. In fact, this is probably the absolute worst things that you can do. Many pesticides are flammable (especially aerosols) and not intended to be used on a Christmas Tree. It is very important that you understand that there is a chance you may bring in a few insects- but they are less harmful than pesticides on a cut tree. Bugs do not want to be in your home  any more than you want them there. More importantly, as your home heats up and the humidity levels change, many of these bugs are unable to adapt to the extreme change and die off on their own. Your home also does not provide the food source that they are used to, so many try to escape by getting out.


What Kind of Bugs?

Christmas Tree


If you have a serious concern about something that may have entered your home with the tree, leave it to the professionals. Our team is experienced and can identify the insect, spider or bug (very quickly). We will be able to tell you whether or not the pest poses a danger to your home environment. We will never judge you for calling, in fact we commend those who do (versus taking the matter into their own hands). For this reason, we will not overcharge you just because you are seeking peace of mind during this holiday season.

We are an owner operated business and much of our work comes in the form of referrals from past customers. This speaks volumes to us because it is the highest compliment that a business can receive. It means that our neighbors and customers trust in our work and value the experience enough to refer us to the ones they care about most. We have also been voted a top rated Ocean County Pest Control professional for many years; therefore you can feel confident using our company. We handle all of our jobs professionally and confidentially and strive to meet and exceed your expectations.   Please contact us should you require treatment or removal services such as:  extermination, pest control and wildlife trapping. Above All…We Do it All!


Professional vs Do-it-Yourself Extermination|Ocean County Pest Control Tips


Ocean County Pest Control and DIY repellents

 Hiring a Professional vs Do-it-Yourself

Ocean County Pest Control Company Weighs in and Shares Useful Tips


When it comes to treating bugs or rodents in your home, many wonder if it would be better if they handle the problem themselves. There are social platforms and websites dedicated exclusively to the do-it-yourself homeowner. Who can blame someone for trying to resolve something themselves or for utilizing a more natural approach to a problem? The truth is- I am one of those people. I prefer to mitigate damage on my own and resolve issues before asking for help from a professional. I also enjoy working on the house and sharing time with my family as we gather around a project. I began to ponder all of the years we have heard stories from customers about pest control things that they have tried and what worked and did not work. There are absolute situations in which a homeowner must contact a local exterminator and other times when they can try natural approaches, so which is which?


 spider_-_5                            NJ Bed BugsMosquito-4

Here we break down and examine some of do-it-yourself techniques versus hiring an Ocean County Pest Control Company (such as Here are a few of the main things that drive a homeowner to choose one over the other. Consider some of these helpful tips before taking matters into your own hands.

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The Cost: This is usually the very first thing that drives homeowners to Home Depot to browse the vast aisles of DIY pest control treatments. In some instances however, hiring a professional pest control company may be less expensive than “trial by error” techniques. Some pesticides can encourage other pests or even amplify the infestation, did you know that? Be sure to weigh out your options and call for a FREE estimate from a professional before choosing a can off of a shelf. Many times the professional treatment comes with a warranty and can last months and even years beyond a home treatment kit.


Instant Results: This is one of the very first things that a homeowner wants to see, results. If a dangerous or creepy bug makes its way into the safe place we call home, then we want them out – yesterday. We get that and understand that many times that is the reason behind the DIY purchase. Keep in mind however that a qualified extermination service is often available to answer you calls and can often treat within 24 hours. Before wasting your time and money, make the call first and then take action second.


Ability and Knowledge: There are some great products on the market to treat, deter or eliminate some insects- however you must know what , where and how to use it. Researching online and reading labels often gives a sense of control back to the homeowner as they begin to plot their plan of attack. There is nothing wrong with taking this approach, however be sure to read instructions carefully and always follow manufacturers recommendations. If you feel uneasy using a chemical or topical treatment, contact an Ocean County Pest Control service for an evaluation. They are trained and specialize in treatment and often save you money in the long run. The added incentive to using a professional to exterminate is the education that you will receive about your specific problem. A good company will take the time to share with you their findings, the best possible solution and preventative tips. This type of valuable information cannot be purchased in a can.


Type of Pest: If you spot a few bugs or insects here and there, chances are that you eradicate them easily on your own. However, there are some specific types of pests that you should ALWAYS contact a professional for:

  • Termites
  • Bed Bugs|NJ
  • Rodents
  • Wood Destroying Insects
  • Wildlife Nesting (Raccoon, Squirrel, Skunk and more)


Any type of pest that runs the risk of damaging the integrity of the structure of a home should be handled by a trained professional. If you are unsure whether or not your infestation is a safety or health concern, click here to contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.

The best rule of thumb for many homes in our region is to take preventative action. This does not necessarily always mean treating with chemicals and purchasing hazardous bug sprays in a can. Our recommendation is to begin by walking the exterior of your home and sealing, patching and repairing areas that serve as welcome mat to bugs, pests and wildlife. Should you feel that you need a seasonal treatment or help with a current infestation problem, please contact us at any time for a FREE HOME EVALUATION.

As a reputable and experienced professional in Ocean County| Pest Control and Extermination Services is all that we do. We treat all of our customers like family and will NEVER try to sell you an unnecessary or costly service. We kill pests, not your budget.

Treat Seasonal Bugs All-At-Once – FREE Estimate for Ocean County Pest Control

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FREE Ocean County Pest Control Estimate


Do you mow your lawn one patch at a time? Of course not.

Why handle bugs inside and outside of your home one at a time? Eliminate Seasonal Bugs, Rodents and Infestations with a personal home evaluation by leading exterminators in Ocean and Monmouth County.  Our comprehensive hands-on evaluation produces a treatment plan based on your own individual needs. Sometimes you may not even know what may be living in or around your home, which is precisely what our team will look for. Or perhaps you are looking to safeguard and treat All-At-Once for nuisances such as:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Box Elder Bugs
  • Ladybugs
  • Centipedes
  • Clover Mites
  • Earwigs
  • Millipedes
  • Pill Bugs
  • Silverfish
  • Crickets
  • Spiders
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Bees*
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Rats
  • Mice


We will do a professional evaluation that goes as deep as you need us to go. We can treat for as few or as many, but we will do it ALL AT ONCE. Get back to enjoying your home, inside and out. Save your money with the do-it-yourself treatments and allow our Ocean County Pest Control Exterminators to handle the job in an affordable and effective way.

Click here to contact us and request a free quote. We will kill the nuisances in and around your home and not your budget. Please fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch to discuss your specific needs. Our company is built upon honest and fair dealings, so feel confident that we will never be pushy or make you feel uncomfortable. Even in the worst of infestation situations, we maintain confidentiality and will handle your issues with compassion and professionalism.


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Other Ocean County Pest Control services we provide:

  • NJ Bed Bugs
  • Termite inspection and Clean Certification
  • Specialty Infestations (examples: Carpenter Bees and Ants)
  • Wildlife Trapping and Removal
  • Flea and Tick Treatment and  Removal


Ocean County Pest Control- Wildlife Trapping
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Do I have Carpenter Ants or Termites? Pro Tips- Ocean County Pest Control

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Helpful Resources| Ocean County Pest Control Professional

For some homeowners, a pile of sawdust might be located and it causes a moment of dread. What is doing this? In other cases, you may have caught a glimpse of something- but you were not quite sure what it was- a very large ant perhaps? Here we take you through the step by step process of identifying what could be ingesting your home, one splinter at a time.


Identifying Carpenter Ants

These large ants are typically black, red or can be both black and red. Their bodies are segmented in an oval shape and they have 6 legs. The average size of the worker carpenter ant is between 1/8” to an inch long, as the queen is traditionally larger than the rest.

Image if Carpenter Ant from Ocean County Pest Control



Differences Between Termites and Carpenter Ants?

The graphic below is a very helpful tool in identifying the difference between these two nuisances.

casrpenter ants versus termites ocean county pest control services

         Ant:                                                                                      Termite:

Waist is pinched                                                                 No defined waist area

Bodies split into 3 parts                                                    Bodies divided into 2 parts

Home and tunnels are clean and smooth                        Tunneling often muddy

Will come inside for food and water                              Stick to underground & wooden structures


About Discovery

Carpenter Antcarpenter_ant_500-325s are traditionally discovered when one is seen inside the home. Their size is generally alarming to many homeowners and so they easily grab attention. After seeing one inside, the next step should be to walk around the outside of your home -paying particular attention to wooden areas (decks, sills, steps and such). You may see them crawling around in a very obvious fashion or you may discover a small pile of wood shavings on the ground (beneath a hole in the wood). Some infestations can actually be heard if you are still and close enough to their tunnel.

Shelter tubesTermites leave a mud trail that resembles a tube, roughly the thickness of a pencil. This tunnel/tube runs from the ground up to the side of the home and can be very obvious or hidden well in areas such as the crawl space. Many homeowners make discovery when they notice wings dropped on the ground in random places. This happens when the reproductive aged members within the colony leave to start their own. Many refer to this as a termite swarm.



Can I Treat Carpenter Ants Myself?

Although ant traps and do-it-yourself treatments are readily available, they are generally ineffective and not recommended. To rid of these ants completely, all of the ants must be located and the nesting areas must be discovered and exterminated completely. Because both carpenter ants and termites  can cause serious damage by weakening the structural integrity of the house, it is important that these pests are handled by an Ocean County Pest Control Company such as Above All Termite and Pest Control. A trained professional eye can easily scout, identify and treat the areas that you may not even be aware of.


Future Tips: Protect and Prevent

  • Any wood that has been damaged by water should be removed and replaced
  • Trees and bushes outside the perimeter of the home should be cut back away from the house as much as possible
  • Annually inspect and caulk and/or seal any holes, gaps or cracks that you may find
  • Seal and caulk around all windows and doors
  • Fix any leaks or areas that gather excess moisture within the home
  • Keep all food inside the cabinets and on counters sealed, especially in warmer months


To seek help from a professional – whether to treat or identify what may be eating your home, please click here- Ocean County Pest Control Company- Above All