Tick Spraying and Control

Ticks are the vampires of the insect world. They latch onto their victims, and they suck their blood. They drop off when they’re satiated. However, to prevent the victim’s blood from clotting, ticks use their saliva as a type of anti-coagulant. When they introduce their saliva to a person’s bloodstream, they can spread some very nasty diseases like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease and delayed onset meat allergies. Any of these can kill or make a person very sick.The best way to rid your yard of ticks is to have a professional come by to perform a tick spray. A tick spray requires preparation and an examination of the property before applying the pesticide. That type of pre-planning ensures that the areas where the ticks are concentrated get extra attention.

And Just Like That- The Bugs Were Gone

The Above All One-Time Treatment Service is designed to control the average household  insects such as spiders, silverfish, yellow jackets, wasps and hornets.

One Time Treatment Plans:

  • Targeted treatment – Our  exterminators will strategically treat important areas such as entry and exit points to maximize safety and effectiveness and avoid the need to broadcast treatment chemicals
  • Comprehensive approach – We go beyond bug sprays and pesticides and alert you as to the conditions in your home and yard that attract the bugs. This will assist the customer in deterring any future infestations.

Above All Termite and Pest Control has been performing tick sprays for over a decade. We know the correct insecticides to use and the safest way to apply them. Our experience is your guarantee that we’ll give your property a thorough treatment that will rid your yard of ticks.

Ticks aren’t just creepy and disgusting. Your health and your family’s well-being could be severely impacted by tick bites. Not all ticks have Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever, but it only takes one to give the disease to you.

Enjoy your yard again. Give Above All Termite and Pest Control a call if you have a tick problem. We’ll give you a free quote to spray your yard for ticks. Let us prove why we continue to honor the name “Above All” Call today and let us EARN your business 732-600-3447