Yard Spray

After a long cozy winter locked inside our home snuggled under the blankets, who doesn't look forward to the beautiful sunny days of spring and the warmth of a summer night!  Above All Termite & Pest Control would love to help you enjoy these beautiful seasons without being attacked my nasty mosquitos and/or having to worry about your furry family getting fleas & Ticks! 

We can help you enjoy your yard again! 

1. We offer one time Yard Sprays for that special party 

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Good to Know 

Female mosquitoes can produce 100-300 eggs at one time, which hatch into mosquito larvae within 48 hours. They need fresh stagnant water to breed. Let's reduce this population by illuminating the water source. Debris in the yard can host the perfect breeding spot for the mosquito. Old tires, flower pots, tarps laying on the ground, bird baths, ponds, etc. This list is quite large when you think about the tiny size of a mosquito. 

  Our expert Technician would gladly help you inspect your yard   

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